Welcome to our website.  This web site is dedicated to the memory of our son Joseph Wade Dozier.
Joe was more than our son, he was our friend, partner and a brother to Ray and friend to many. The content of this website is to bring public awareness to many who believe that the good guys always win.  We are taught that justice is for those who obey the letter of the law.  I once believed that too.  Often times we fail to see what does not directly affect us; by doing so we are not prepared when it does. 

Are you prepared to understand that justice is not all that you expect?

When is enough, enough,  When do deals within the justice system become corruption?

What happens when "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" allows a murder to walk free and the co-conspirator's to never be charged at all? 

It is true that we are parents who are grieving the loss of their son.  That does not change the facts.

Facts always remain the same.  They are documented evidence that have substance to back them up.  The facts I will lay before you in this website have all been documented or are on tape. 

Joe was Shot and Killed, Murdered by Dustin Ray Denton of Westville Oklahoma; who is still free.  He plead self defense of an unarmed man, using a 357 magnum pistol which was loaded for maximum kill.  This would be 357 metal jacketed rounds followed by hollowpoint rounds.  I am told that this is how police load their guns for max kill power.  Dustin also had a speed loader, loaded in the same fashion.

The shooting took place at the Kenwood apartment leased by Kim Pearson Wiley. Dustin did not live there and the residence was not his, yet he plead self defense while protecting his own residence.  Later he claimed he was house sitting.

There were ample escape routes from the apartment, including an upstairs door, a back door and windows.

Who carries a gun into someone else's house?

Who carries a speed loader into someone else's house without intent or expectation of using it?

Dustin Denton knew Joe on site, yet he called him an intruder during the 911 call. Why?

Misty Pearson had planned a date with Joseph for that night.  She had told him to be there by 8PM and not to be late.  Joe had to work with his father at the mill and did not get to the apartment till 9:00 PM.

A call to the Siloam Springs Hospital came in at around *8 PM asking if Joe Dozier had been admitted. When she was told that there was not anyone there by that name, she told the help desk it would have been an emergency admittance. Joe was admitted one hour latter with multiple gunshot wounds.  She reported this to the police... They lost the report????

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The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family
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