On the night of Feb. 19, 1993 Dustin Denton shot Joe Dozier 5 times out of 6 shots fired and then went up the stairs to reload his gun with a speed loader he had pre loaded.  Each round was alternated with a 38 special hollow points metal jacket and a 357 metal jacket.

Read Anderjack& State Crime Lab’s findings. 

Denton testified that he had gone to the 2nd floor window and saw Joe Dozier pull up and park.  He stated that he saw Joe get out of the car he was driving and walk around his pickup.  When Joe started toward the door of Apt 5A, Denton said that is when he walked into the bedroom .

Attorney; did you pull the gun out of the holster?
Dustin: no
Attorney; Did you ask anybody to help you?
Dustin Well, there wasn't anybody there.
Attorney: Well, there was one.
Dustin: Well, I remember before---before I turned around I said, "Lord, Take this cup from me."  I knew I was going to have to go through with it. 
Attorney: Where did you hear that?
Dustin: I just turned around and started downstairs.
Attorney: How Far down the stairs did you get?
Dustin: I got to the first landing. 
When Dustin Denton started down the stairs with his gun and holster Joe was not in the Apartment. He said he saw him at the first landing He said he started shooting and knew he had hit  Joe when he went to the bottom of the stairs and saw him.  He said that is when Joe hit him with the club he had taken from the back of Dustin's pickup.  He admitted to shooting 2 or 3 times from the landing before coming down to the bottom of the stairs.  He admitted that he knew Joe was hit.  Yet we know that 6 shots were fired and 5 of these bullets went into Joe Dozier.  He was asked if he went back up stairs.  We know that the gun was reloaded with the speed loader from the landing . 

Denton called 911 and reported he had just shot an intruder even though he knew Joe’s name.  In the 911 call there is a 30 second break.  He says he is getting a drink of water.

  Insert the 911 call transcript.

On the floor there is a slid pattern in the blood showing someone going out the door. Insert the picture of the Blood on the floor. 
Joe had defensive bruises on his hand and leg where he had been hit by an object, though it was mentioned in the medical examiners report it is never mentioned in the criminal trial or the civil suit. 
Insert the medical examiner’s phone call by Sharon Dozier.  And the Medical Examiner’s report.  
Note: Frank Pretti, Medical Examiner testified in the Criminal and the Civil suit,

The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family the People in it Did!