Out of Misty's friends their were only a few who took the witness stand.  They were:

Kim Harrison:
Kim Harrison lived in Watts Oklahoma when Joe was killed.  She was living with Jackie Vernon, who was her cousin. She had moved there and was finishing out the 1991/1992 school year at Watts Oklahoma school.  She had moved there from Sayer Oklahoma, which was a long distance from Siloam Springs Arkansas.  Watts; however, is only a few miles away.  During her testimony, John Everett ( who was Dustin Denton's defense attorney); made it sound as if Kim was still living in Sayer and therefore had no reason to make any statements other than the truth concerning what she had heard Joe say one night when they were out driving around with Jackie and (according to her )Duane Woods.
She couldn't even tell the truth about where she was living how could anyone believe what she said she heard? School records will prove my facts.  They have nothing to prove the lie she told or why she told it.

Kim Harrison moved back to Sayer Oklahoma for the 1992/1993 school year and did live there during the time the trail was taking place.

Duane Woods will tell you he was not with them because he and Joe were mad at each other.  Joe had told him he drank to much and he refused to talk to Joe because of it.  Joe was always trying to help his friends, even if it took making them mad to do it. 

Jackie Vernon
Misty's Best Friend and Shadow.  Jackie was not a credible witness.  Her testimony changed as often as Misty's and could not be trusted.

Angie Davis  testified
She and Misty were friends but she did not like her much by the end of 1991.  Matt Drake was her boyfriend.  Angie and Matt would double date with Misty and Joe sometimes. 
Angie was truthful and honest about her involvement that night.  She helped set the time line of the events by the phone calls she made and what she had witnessed.

Lorie Dozier  Never Testified.
Jackie Vernon had called her and told her Misty was there when Joe was shot.  Latter she called her back and told her to forget what she had told her about Misty being there, she said she had been mistaken. 

Jeff Stacks  Saw Misty and Joe at Wal-Mart the day before he was killed.(Never Testified)

Matt Drake was with Angie Davis and could verify her statements (Never Testified)

Brian Bishop could have cleared up the chase scene and Joe's involvement (Never Testified)

Jody Mason had talked to Misty the day after Joe Died (she was held in contempt for trying to tell the truth)  (her house, a few blocks from the police station in Siloam Springs burned shortly after she testified.  once friendly to the Dozier family she runs when she sees us today, I wonder why??)

So many things have happened to thoes who wanted to tell the truth that it makes me wonder why.  What threatens them the most.  What they did or what they didn't do?

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose.
Take which you please — you can never have both. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Without faith there is no truth, for that is all the truth is or ever was.
~Robert Brault