William and Sharon Dozier wanted to make sure that the information needed was getting to the Prosecutors office. Due to the background that Lt Dick Wales had with Kim Pearson they felt it was important to do some investigations of their own

Al Gregory who was the Chief of police at Siloam Springs and LT Walses supervisor was also school mates with Gary Fain and Benny Denton.  William and Sharon Dozier felt that there was a conflict of intrest and that LT Wales should have been removed from the case.  They also felt that this connection should have been made clear to the jury during the trial.  It would have lended some prospective as to why a Oklahoma Hwy Potrol officer might have cause to lie under oath and why he would want to help what would seem to be someone of no connection to him.  It would appear that none of them were connected unless you did some homework. 

The PI did not get all the Dozier Family had hoped for but the informatiion he did get was interesting. 

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The Justice System Did Not Fail the Dozier Family, The People in it Did!!