William had spoke to a lady in Watts Ok and she told us that a lady who was married to an ex CIA agent got a ticket in Watts.  She said his name was Dan Wolford. 
William called Mr Wolford and introduced himself.  Mr. Wolford told him that he knew all about us and our story. He asked William if he knew where rattlesnake hollow was, near Jay Ok.  William told him he did not know where it was, but that he would find it.  After speaking with Mr. Wolford, William was given two names to contact;  One was Kelly Beach an OSBI agent and the other was an investigative reporter for the Muskogee Phoenix, Mrs. Donna Hales.  Mr. Wolford invited William to come to breakfast the next morning at 8.  William showed up a little early and went to visit with Dan Wolford’s mother who lived next door.  She told William that Dan had a photographic memory.  She said that she had one too but that she lost her’s at noon.  William asked himself “what kind of deal is this?”  She went on to explain that the medication she was on fogged her memory so that it was not clear after noon.  During the short time that William knew Dan, he was a God send.

The Justice System Did Not Fail The Dozier Family
The People In It Did