This a transcript of a 911 call taken at the Siloam Springs Central Dispatch Center, 2/19/93 at approximately 2113 hours.
GJ Benton County 911. what is your emergency?
DD Uh, this guy just tried to come in my house, and I’ve shot him.
GJ Okay.-
DD Hurry, I don’t know what he’s. doing.
GJOkay, hang on, get somebody to get to to
DD Huh?
GJ Just hang on, just stay, stay on the line with me, 2425 East Kenwood. DD Oh, yes.
PB Code 25?
GJ He’s shot, person’s been shot. -
DD Can you hurry?
GJ We’re hurrying, hang on.
PB be advised to go to 2425 East Kenwood -
DD Oh, lord.
GJ Hang on.
PB person has been shot.
DDOh, god.
GJ Hang on, stay on there.
PB a person has been shot.
GJ Do you have a gun?
DD Yes, I do.
GJ Well, you lay the gun down on the floor, do not have it in your hand. DO What if he tries to come after me?
GJ Do, pardon? Is he down now?
DD I don’t know where he went.
GJ You don’t know where he went? You don’t see him?
DD No, I don’t know if he went outside or if he’s still in the house.
GJ You don’t know whether he’s out, yeah, he’s been, he’s shot somebody. PB Siloam, all units, be aware there is a gun present, we do not know what the person
DDplease help me.
GJ We’re hurrying, you shot?
DD Huh?
GJAre you shot?
GJ Did you hit him?
DDNo, I don’t, yeah, I hit him.—2—
G J Where did you hit him at?
DD I don’t know.
GJ Okay, hang on.
DD I shot several times.
GJ Okay. Did he have a gun? -
DD Huh?
GJ Did the man have a gun?
DD No, he had a club.
GJ He had a club?
DD Yeah, and he come in the house.
GJ Okay.
DD Uh, oh, I gotta get a drink. Can I get a drink?
GJ Do not hang, no, just
DD Well, hold on, please?
Gi Hang on do not hang up.
DD Okay.
GJSquad fivets out at the hospital, reckon I can make them respond from there? 
PB Yeah, try and call them.
GJ Try calling them? Don’t page them?
PB Just
GJOkay, I’ll get it, I’ll do that. Siloam, Dispatch, Squad 5. department, Siloam.