Before the trial the DA's office investigated this along with the Siloam Springs Police Department. 

David Clinger was the Prosecutor on the case. 
See David Clinger

George Spence was the first Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the case

Drew Miller was the second Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the Case

LT Dick Wales was the Officer In Charge and Primary Detective assigned by the Siloam Springs Police Department.  He was the CID (criminal Investigative Detective for Siloam Springs Police. 

Al Gregory was the Chief of Police for Siloam Springs Police Dept.

The Dozier Family met regularly with David Clinger during the course of the investigation.  We did all we knew to do to make sure that the information we were able to uncover was in their files.  We knew that they would have to follow up on any information we offered.  We were surprised that many of the people who had evidence that could have proved our case were not questioned or used during the trail. 

We felt that LT Dick Wales should have been removed as the primary investigator because of his association with the Pearson Family and Kim Pearson in particular.  He had a long time relationship with many of the people from around Watts and Westville.  We felt that these associations tainted his judgement and that he should requesed himself. 

David Clinger had a long time relationship with EX Sheriff James Pearson who was the great uncle of Misty Pearson.  They had worked for many years together.  Mr Clinger commented that he and James worked well together.   He stated  to William, in one of our meetings with him; that they could work a crime scene and find evidence when no one else could. 

Dick Wales, Al Gregory, Benny Denton and Gary Fain (the, then; highway patrol officer and witness in this case) all went to school together in  Oklahoma. 

From the Start LT Dick Wales lied to William Dozier (Joe's Father) about knowing the Pearson Family and Kim; whom William had seen him backed up in the ally with beside her house on Wright Street in Siloam Spring,  when Joe was fixing his truck.