William and Sharon Dozier hired Marsha Woodruff to be their Lawyer for the Civil Trial.  They went to her office and laid out the whole story to her.  They convinced her that Misty and Dustin needed to be charged and taken to trial for wrongful death of their son Joe. At no time did the Dozier's agree to or hire Ronnie Woodruff to work on their case.  (Marsha told them they would be getting two for the price of one) Marsha said that she would have Ronnie help her. William trusted Marsha, but he had reservations about Ronnie Woodruff. 
During the preparations for the civil case a constable was hired to serve a subpoena to Dustin Denton who was in the Oklahoma National Guard at the time.  The first place he was asked to go he said that he could not find Dustin Denton, he still charged his fee.
The second time he was sent out to serve Dustin Denton,(William had spoken to Dustin’s National Guard unit leader and found out what time the unit would be leaving.)William had given the time and place and told him they would be gone from there by noon.  He showed up at 12:30.  Again he demanded his fee and did not perform his task. 
The third attempt was made in California by the Provost Martial of the National Guard when William and Sharon found the base Dustin Denton was stationed at and had the US Marshall’s office take the subpoena to the base and have it duly served.  This action cost them nothing. 
There was a list of 32 names given to the Woodruffs to depose and serve subpoenas to.  To our knowledge Dustin Denton, Misty Pearson Forinash , LT. Dick Wales and one other were deposed and only a hand full were actually served.  
Woodruffs hired a trial lawyer out of Texas who had asked to sit in on the trial because he did not have any cases of his own yet.  When he came to court he kept handing Marsha and Ronnie, Primarily Ronnie; case and facts of law to help them.  He was ignored through the whole time.  When the court recessed he turned to William and said loudly “you Dozier’s are FUCKED.” and walked from the courtroom.  He quit working for the Woodruffs and he quit practicing law. 
After the Woodruffs lost the case for the Dozier Family Marsha presented them with a Bill.  They had already paid for the cost up front but this was for Ronnie’s services,  We told her that we did not hire Ronnie even though he presided over most of the courtroom activity.  She told us that we should do it as a Love Offering.  We did not pay for Ronnie’s Services because we did not hire him.  We felt betrayed by the Woodruffs and fell today that they only took the case so they could through it . 
The main thing we asked them to do was to get the phone records from Langley for the feed store during the time that Gary Fain had said the phone call to Lt. Dick Wales of the Siloam Springs Police took place.  They did not do that.
Many of the people we wanted to testify in Joe’s behalf were never called to testify though they waited during the whole trial to do so.  The one witness who did testify and try to get the truth before the jury was continually threatened to be found in contempt.
After this girl whom we considered a friend testified her home burned to the ground, which was only a couple of blocks from the Siloam Springs Police Station and Fire Department;.  After this she would not talk to us or even look at us.  When we would see her out and about she would practically run from us.  Why?

Ronnie and Marsha Woodruff .
The Justice System did not Fail the Doziier Family the Poeple in it Did!!