William had asked George Spence to take Dick Wales off the case, but George refused because he said that he knew LT Wales and he did not know the Dozier's. 

Later when George went to the crime scene with Dustin Denton, a Deputy Sheriff, Dustin Denton's Attorney(John Everett) and Lt Dick Wales, he said he over heard Dustin Denton telling John Everett how he murdered Joe Dozier.  When Everett realized he was in the room he told Dustin to quit talking and then turned to George and asked him to leave.  George told LT. Wales "lets go."  John Everett turned to Wales and said "you stay." 

When George got back to his office he wrote a letter to DA David Clinger; stepping down from the case because of what he had heard. At that time DA David Clinger assigned Drew Miller to take George Spence's place as Assistant DA for the case. 

This was about two weeks before the Trial was to take place.  Lt. Wales took ADA Drew Miller to Westville to interview some of the prospective Witnesses in the case. 

Read Omnibus Hearing.

William spoke to George Spence after the trial and asked him if he could have testified about what he had heard.  He said he could have but he was not asked to do so. 

A half truth is a whole lie. ~Yiddish Proverb.