Donna Hales of the Muskogee Phoenix interview Anthony Tony Barker.  He said that the application must be a mistake.  A few weeks later he showed up at her office in Muskogee Oklahoma and asked her if he was in trouble, she said Yes.  He told her that he had done this several times before and that he did not know why this case should be any different.  
William had called the Muskogee Phoenix and spoke with Donna Hales.  She and another reporter Kristy Fry came to our home to interview us.  William spent about a day with them going over what we had.  They asked if they could take some of this information home with them and William said sure.  After a few weeks they came back to our house.  They said they needed to see the crime scene before they made a final decision.  William took them to the crime scene.  They wanted to know if the jury had seen the crime scene and William told them no.  Mrs. Donna Hales asked William if he had ever seen a pit bull dog fight.  He replied that he had.  She told him that that is how she would be on this case that she would get these people by the ass and she would not turn loose until Justice is served.  Donna Hales and Kristy Fry had worked together for 20 years.  Mr. Fry was offered the Editor’s position at the Muskogee Phoenix.  The only way he would take the Editor’s job would be if he could finish this story.  According to Mr. Fry the Company Agreed to that.  Unfortunately, Mr. Fry died of a massive heart attack in 2005.  Insert Donna Hales Promise.   
Donna Hales kept promising us that she would publish this story and that there was no statute of Limitations on Interstate Conspiracy. 
William had spoke to Larry Covey the publisher of the Muskogee Phoenix before the death of Kristy Fry.  He was tapping the story with his fingers and telling William that he could do what he wanted but that if he were us he would allow the Phoenix to finish and publish this story.  William Believed Him.
In William Dozier’s opinion Donna Hales was an extremely good reporter at first.   She interviewed Officer Dennis Colman from the S S Police Dept.  Colman said that the officers lied; that none of the officers slid in the blood.  She interviewed the lady who took the call at the hospital before Joe was admitted. She interviewed Lt. Dick Wales. She interviewed Judge Tom Keith and he advised her not to ever come back. She also interview George Spence. 
  The Dozier’s had purchased the entire transcript of the Criminal Trial and gave her a copy. 

Mrs. Donna Hales of the Muskogee Phoenix kept assuring William that she would do a good job on this story.  She kept repeating that there was no statute of Limitations on Interstate conspiracy; that the Dozier Family would have something to fall back on. She insisted that we believe in her and her promises.  In 2007 William and Sharon went to the McAlister Prison Rodeo. While William was in the Motel Room he turned the TV on and started watching a program about freelance writers and Newspapers.  To William this Story has been a Blackout.  That is what the program was about; a story in New York that had been a blackout.  The Freelance writer went on the Internet to get his story exposed.   William was excited so he called Donna Hales and told her about it.  She told William that if she put the story on the Internet that she would be fired.  At that time she assured William that this story was not a blackout.  She told him she was going to do six different segments of the story with an index of the people involved listed in each segment.  The Index would be on the front page.  This turned out to be another false hope by Mrs. Hales delivered to the Dozier Family.  In late 2007 William went to talk to the new Editor.  He wanted to know why this story had been dumped on him.  He did not have the time to review the whole thing.  William asked if he could not take the word of Donna Hales and even your publisher Larry Covey knew about this.  He told William that his job was on the line and he told William that if it was not published by July 2008 he would put it in the trash.  July 2008 came and went with no story being published. 

"The Greatest Homage One Can Pay to Truth is to Use It!"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that
something else is more important than fear.”
― Ambrose Redmoon .