TThe Day of the Murder
On Friday morning William, Sharon, Joe and Ray went into Gravette for breakfast because their water was frozen.  Joe was really hungry.  He ate a hungry man breakfast with 4 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, Ham and hash browns and Toast.  When he had finished, he was still hungry and ordered a second one.  He ate it all.  William teased him and Joe had said with a smile that he thought this would hold him over.
Ray drove his truck and Joe rode with William when they went to meet Randy (William's Brother) at the Co-op in Siloam.  Joe told William that he and Ray were going to surprise him and got the bulk of the feed yesterday.
While they were working, they ran out of barrels, William and Randy left and went to Franklin (where Randy worked) to get more barrels.  When they got back the Co-op manager told them that he thought they had left for the day and that a girl had called for Joe.  William told Joe about the call and he went inside to call Misty.  After he returned he asked his dad if he could leave.  He told him Misty had told him to be there by 9PM and not be late.  He explained that he was already an hour passed the planned time of their date.  William gave him $20 to eat on and Joe kissed him on the cheek, thanked him and promised he would unload the feed by himself the next day.  Joe then left and went home.  He cleaned up and because his truck was in the repair shop took his mom's car to go on his date.  William and Ray waved at him at the 4way stop in Decatur as he headed for the Kenwood apt. in Siloam to see Misty at her Mom's Apt.

it is believed he arrived at the Kenwood Apt 5A sometime close to 9PM. 
From testimony, we know he saw Dustin Denton's pickup in the parking lot outside Kim's Apt.  Joe, per Dustin Denton; walked around the pickup before heading toward the door. 

What happened from there is up to debate. 

What we do know is that when Joe entered the apartment he was shot five out of six attempts before Dustin Denton went to reload his 357 magnums with a speed loader he had brought with him that day.

Joe managed to get out onto the snow outside the front door of the apartment. 

When Dustin could not find him, he called 911 (see Tab)

We do not know how long Dustin looked for Joe before he made the call or how long it took the police and the paramedics to arrive at the scene. 

Joe was treated at the Siloam Springs Hospital and sent on by helicopter to Springdale Hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

We do know; a woman at the hospital took a call at 8:15 PM, asking if Joe had been admitted and when the female caller was told he was not there; she hung up.  At approx. 9:15 PM Joe Dozier was admitted with multiple gunshot wounds.  The lady who had taken the call reported to Lt. Dick Wales (the Investigating Officer).  When asked about the report, he commented that he had lost that report.  She also reported it to the DA's office.  It was never told to the jury.  She never testified in either trial. In the minds of the Dozier family, this phone call proved premeditation.  Regardless of who made the call, someone knew that Joe was going to be shot at least an hour before it actually happened.

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