The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family the People in it Did!
A Smile
A wide eyed stare
A twinkle in your eye
The sound of your prayer
Once you were here
Now you are there
No longer can I see the smile on your face
Nor see the wonder in your eyes as you explore a new place
No longer will I hear you laugh and play
For from this earth you have gone away.
This life for you is over and gone
You were taken in a way so wrong
Not even a chance to say good-bye
Before off to heaven you had to fly
The boy who took your life that day
Will stand before Gods throne someday
And to this Judge he cannot lie
There his sin he can not deny
My memories of you are sweet and good
I miss you as any mother would
Some day again together we will be
We will walk with our Master
You and Me