Monday at the school, a boy named Fain told Lori Dozier and other students that his  Uncle,  Gary Fain (the HWY Patrolman) and who’s father was Jerald Fain (a Wildlife Officer) that he had heard Gary Fain  tell his Father that Benny Denton had asked Gary Fain to help him.

William immediately called the DA’s office and gave them this information. 
William spoke to Debbie Stacks the director of the Child Development Center where Kim Pearson worked She told William That on the day of the shooting that Misty and Dustin Denton came to the CDC and visited with Kim on 3 occasions.  The last time they visited Debbie Stacks saw that Dustin Denton was carrying a gun.  She told him he would have to leave and that he was not to come back to the center with a gun on him.

Debbie Stacks told William that Kim had left early on Feb. 19th

Debbie Stacks said that Kim came back latter to go with Debbie Stacks and other to a birthday party for one of their fellow workers. When they came back from the party Kim went into the CDC and used the phone.  Then Kim left.

According to the PI that the Dozier hired, she said she went down the road and made another phone call.  There is no phone’s in that area she could have used.

  Kim Pearson never testified at the Criminal trial.  5 years later at the civil suit she got up on the stand long enough to say her name.  Then the court recessed and on the next day she was not called to the stand again.

SEE  PI report. 

According to Shelly Wiley, Kim Pearson’s daughter; Shelly, Misty and Kim went to get movies. They talked about Joe coming over. 

Debbie Stacks also told William that her son Jeff Stacks that had seen Misty and Joe together at Wal-Mart in Siloam Springs the night before the Shooting (Feb. 18th) and that he had spoke to both of them.

  Debbie Stacks thought it was odd that she nor her son were never interviewed.

Also the Fain boy was not interviewed by the DA’s office.

Kelly Gargrave thought it was odd that she had not been interviewed by anyone the night of the shooting.

  Joe had found out that Ronnie Wiley was molesting Misty and Jackie Vernon.  It is believed that Joe had turned Ronnie Wiley in to the county Child Protective Services.  Misty and her mom had gone there too, but they checked in as Kim and Misty Vernon.  The investigation was handed over to, LT Dick Wales.  He later dismissed the case for lack of evidence. 

William asked Lt. Dick Wales after the criminal trial about the molestation.  Lt. Dick Wales told William that he could not charge anybody for doing a whoo. (Whore)  This information was not allowed before the court in either trial.

.The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family the People in it Did!
In matters of
truth and justice,
there is no difference
large and small problems,
for issues concerning
the treatment of people are all the same.

Albert Einstein