Gary Fain
Following the chase down Watts hill Benny Denton (Dustin Denton's father) said he took Dustin's gun away from him.  He then was supposed to have contacted a friend of his Gary Fain.  Gary Fain was a Oklahoma State Hwy. Patrolman at the time. 

Gary Fain, Benny Denton, Dustin Denton and Levi Denton said that they met at Langley's Feed Store in Westville, OK, where Benny Denton Worked.  According to Fain’s testimony this happened about 3 weeks after the chase on Sept. 27th Down to Watts, on Hwy 59 south.  Fain said he made a phone call to LT Dick Wales of the Siloam Springs Police Dept. and he was at the station on a Sunday and he came to the phone when they called. 
According to their testimony Fain asked Wales if he knew anything about Joe Dozier.  Wales was to have told him that Joe was involved in burglary, drug sales and carrying guns. That Joe was a small time criminal.  Yet he admitted that he had nothing to back up these statements and neither did Lt. Dick Wales.
The Siloam Springs Police Department had two physical records on Joe Dozier.  One was for a seat belt violation and the other was for Misdemeanor Terroristic Threatening which happened the night of the chase. Other than these they had nothing.  There were no records that showed that he had been investigated or was under suspicion for committing any other acts.

According to the surrounding police Departments there was no record of Joe Dozier doing anything that was illegal.  William went to many of the surrounding police statements and had them give him their records of anything that Joe Dozier had done
See Police Reports
Also go online and look up Watts Oklahoma the Rise and Fall of a Speed Trap Town.  You will find out some interesting Information on Gary "Puss" Fain as he was known in school.  It was his nick name.