After the Dozier's spoke to Misty Pearson's Grandfather
Misty reportedly fell down some steps at the house where Joe was living on WPA Road in Gentry Arkansas.  She had made a big deal of it at the time and the next day she told Joe that she had a miscarriage and lost the baby.  He was heartbroken at the news.
We found out later that Keith Pearson, Misty’s grandfather; had offered her braces for her teeth in exchange for getting an abortion and staying away from Joe.  He had followed through on his promise and paid for an abortion and braces for her teeth.  She stayed away from Joe for a while, but not completely.  They talked on the phone a lot.
William and Sharon were living in Gravette at the time and the phone bill had been run up to over $500.00 because of the boys (Joe and Ray) making long distance calls to Siloam Springs; where all their friends were.

Misty didn't just lie to Joe.
She lied to her grandfather when she said she would stay away from Joe

She lied to the police the night of Joe's death. 

She lied on the witness stand when she testified and admitted she did to the DA.

She changed her testimony after she spoke to Linda Denton.

She changed it again in her second statement to police.

No one knew where she was when Joe was shot.
Her grandfather said she was watching TV with him.

Her grandmother said she was asleep.

She said she was doing laundry. 

The Lord is Known By His Justice; the Wicked are Ensnared by the Work of Their Hands. Psalm 9:16