During his opening Statement John Everette made many statements that he did not (because in our openion he could not find them) show evidence to support. 
To name a few
Police records that proved that Joe was a trouble maker that liked to fight with police officers.
That Joe had fought with boys over Misty
That Joe used Drugs
That Joe sold Drugs
That Joe had a BOLO in Oklahoma

The Dozier Family on the other hand have and provided documents to the Prosecutor on Letterheads from the individual police stations that they did not have any records aginest Joseph Wade Dozier.  These were from AR: Benton and Washington Counties and OK : Adair County.  He did have one Failure to Appear on a Seatbealt violation in Siloam Springs and he had a court date for the charges of Misdimenor Terroristic Threatening in Siloam Springs for the night when he was picked up at Misty's house.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said " The Greatest Homage One can Pay to Truth is To Use It!" 

The Justice System Did Not Fail the Dozier Familey The People in it Did!