Afterwards William contacted Kelly Beach.  Kelly is an OSBI agent out of Tulsa Oklahoma.  He agreed to come out to our house and told William to tell the 19th District DA that he was at their disposal.  He said he would do anything he could to help solve this case.  Mr. Beach also advised William to contact the DA in Stillwell and Tahlequah Ok.  Insert Letter from Stillwell Ok.
Diana Harold Barker was the DA in Tahlequah OK at that time.  Her office said she would have to exclude herself from the investigation of Gary Fain because her husband had once worked for him.   
When William saw the DA (Brad Butler) Butler said he would not spend a dime of the taxpayers money on this case but that if we could bring him proof he would charge them with conspiracy.
Kelly Beach came to the Dozier’s home and reviewed the information.  He assured us that if Benton County Prosecutor, Brad Butler; would call him that he would help in any way that he could.  William took Kelly Beach’s business card and gave it to  Brad Butler.  Brad Butler called Kelly Beach while William was present.  During the conversation Kelly Beach told Brad to send him a list of what he needed.
Brad opened a file RE:
State of Arkansas VS Dustin Denton CR 93-111-1
Conspiracy to commit Murder
It reads as follows
September 30, 1998
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Investigator Dave Page
Suite 100 Tulsa Oklahoma 74119

Dear investigator Page;
After speaking with Agent Kelly Beach on the above mentioned case; I understand that a formal written request must be made to obtain help from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, Please consider this letter as such. 
If you have any questions, please; contact me. 
Brad Butler, Prosecuting Attorney

A few months later William contacted Kelly Beach.  Mr Beach assured William he did not receive anything from Brad Butler, The 19th district DA.  It was not long after that, Brad Butler was investigated by a special prosecutor, Attorney John Everett.  Everett found Butler guilty of Sexual Misconduct and he had to step down from the position of Prosecutor.  William Dozier would like to know what happens to the cases pending? Do they just vanish like a fart in the wind or does the new DA have an obligation to pursue the cases. The new DA in this case was Robin Green.  Now Judge Robin Green.  She has never been heard from and would not return our calls or agree to see us.   She is the same dept. prosecutor that read Misty Pearson's file and said that could not find enough evidence to charge her.

Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.

— Lois McMaster Bujold