PD Hay1 Go ahead.
DD‘ lJh, they’re not going to shoot me when they come In, are they?
GJ Not have you 10—4, we have officers, we have officers enrouce.10-4
DD Ah, they gonna get here sometime soon?
GJ You stay right where you’re at. Tell him the guy has layed the gun                             down on the f1oor
DD Ah, aM
GJ That I have him on the phonç.
PD Advise the man has layed the gun down on the floor, we have him                                on the phone.
GJ Squad 5, we have a report, there’s gonna be a man laying out in the                              front, uh, keep your eyes open when you go in. Officers are there.
DD Hold on, they’re here!
GJ         He’s hung up, he’s hung up on me.

Note to Reader:
Before the 30 second break Dustin Denton is worried about where the intruder (Joe Dozier) is. 

After the 30 Second Break Dustin Denton is worried about if the officers are going to shoot him or not. 

When the officers arrived the first thing out of his mouth was that the shooter just ran out the back. 
The Dozier Family believe that Dustin went to his truck and got the ax handle during the time he was supposed to be getting a drink. and placed it in the hall by the blood.  There were no prints or blood found on it.   Notice he is no longer wondering where Joe is; he is wanting to know what is going to happen to himself when the police arrive.