William contacted Oklahoma State Attorney General Drew Edmondson. He briefly told him about what the story was about and he assured William that he had waited to long to do anything about it. He was appalled that Donna Hales had not called him about this story because he had worked on other stories with her. When William told him about the police officers involvement he said that dirty police officers were a stench to his nostrils and that he would loved to have done something about this .
William asked him if he knew and OSBI officer named Kelly Beach of Tulsa Oklahoma. 

William Contacted Donna Hales in late July and told her that we would be there in a couple weeks to get our documents.  She told us that she had taken everything that involved our case to her house.  About two weeks later, on a Saturday morning; William and Sharon showed up at Donna Hales house.  She had assured them that she would be home doing taxes.  She was not at her house.  William called her and asked her where she was.  She said that she was in town at  birthday party having cake and ice-cream with her husband.  William told her that he was at her house to pick up our stuff.  She said that she was tired of him showing up unannounced.  He reminded her that he had told her he would be there in two weeks to pick his stuff up.  She hung up on him.  About an hour later William called her back and she growled into the phone.  “Leave this story alone.” And he asked her why?  Click.  She hung up on him again.  Sharon had been in an automobile accident just 2 week earlier and was in pain.  At the time we did not know that she had nerve damage in her side from the accident. We sat there waiting for Donna Hales for 5 hours.  Donna Hales did not show up.  Sharon had to get out of the truck and walk around sitting on the back of the truck trying to fight off the tremendous pain she was in.  They  intended  to get their stuff from Mrs. Hales that morning and then travel on to Tulsa to see their brother-in-law, who was hospitalized because of cancer.  Due to having to wait in Warner, Oklahoma for so long on Mrs. Hales They had to go home.  William had to work the next morning.  His sister called him the next morning wanting to know why he had not showed up at the hospital.  Her Husband had died at 2:00 AM that morning.  William Contacted Donna Hales the following Monday; she had handed her cell Phone to a co-worker.  William asked her where Mrs. Hales was.  The co-worker said that the paper was not going to do anything and that he needed to leave Mrs. Hales alone.  William asked her if it was normal procedure to jack families around and she assured him that they have done this to other families but not nearly as bad as what they did to you.
The Dozier family are mentally distraught and physically exhausted by the way they have been treated by the Muskogee Phoenix and Donna Hales.  They feel that she manipulated and abused their trust and are appalled by the cold black-hearted abuse of their trust.  She used their hope to keep them bound from doing what needed to be done to get their story told for many years.

"The Greatest Homage One Can Pay To Truth Is To Use It !"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that
something else is more important than fear.”
― Ambrose Redmoon