During the time that they were apart she had met Levi Denton at a rodeo. They had had sex together that night   Later she had gone to Westville to watch him play football.  She had borrowed Joseph’s truck to go to the game and took a friend of hers, Angie Davis, with her. While they were at the game she met 21 year old Dustin Denton; Levi Denton’s brother.   The struck up a quick friendship and then went for a drive in Joseph’s truck.  They had sex and then went back to the ball park, according to what she told her friends. 

Unlike a courtroom I am allowed to tell you what others have told me. 

In September, somewhere near the 28th; Matt Drake and Brian Bishop who were friends of Joe , went to Misty’s house.  Brian saw a man sitting on her bed.  Brian had asked her who he was and she had told him that he was her cousin.  It had been Dustin Denton.
Later that night Brian told Joe and when Denton left Misty’s house; Matt Drake and Brian Bishop were in Matt's red camaro and Duane Woods was with Joe who was driving his blue Chevy pickup.  They ended up at KFC.  Denton had pulled in there .  Ray Dozier was out riding around with Gary Wayne Woods, in Gary’s Mom’s car.  They saw Joe at KFC and pulled in to see where they were going.  He saw Dustin Denton pull a rifle and point it at Joe, through his open pickup window.  Denton was cursing and pointing the gun in Joe’s face.  Words were exchanged and Denton  took off.  Matt in his Camaro, Joe in his truck and Gary Wayne in his Mom’s car followed Dustin.  He headed south down Oklahoma 59 toward Watts Oklahoma.  His truck was fast and he left them all behind.  For some reason he slowed down.  When he did Matt passed him. Denton, wanting to stay in the lead tried to pass Matt on the left and lost control of his truck and went down into a ravine.   Matt kept driving and when Joe caught up with Matt he asked about Denton.  Matt told him what had happened and Joe went back to check on Denton.  He found him at a phone booth across the road from the ravine he had gone into.  He was carrying the rifle he had pulled on Joe earlier.  Joe, not wanting another confrontation with the rifle; drove to Misty’s house to find out what in the world was going on. 
It is important that you know neither Matt Drake nor Brian Bishop testified in the criminal or the civil suit.  The DA's office as well as the Woodruffs (civil lawyers) had Matt and Brian waiting in the courthouse to testify but they were never called neither of them testify.
At Misty’s house, after the chase; Brian went to the window and asked Misty if she would talk to Joe, and she said yes.  Joe started talking to her, Misty’s mom  who had talked to Dustin before they arrived; heard them and called the police.  When Misty and Joe saw the police she pulled him through the window and put him in her closet.  That is where the police found him.
Kim insisted that they arrest him. Officer Wind took him in and booked him on charges of Terroristic Threatening.  In his report he stated that Joe was docile and cooperative.  He could have charged Joe with Felony Terroristic Threatening but due to this fact  and what Joe had told him on the ride to the station ; he did it as a misdemeanor.  After he was booked they released him.  Joe had no other charges on his record, except a seatbelt violation which he had not paid or gone to court on yet.  He had nothing in the State of Oklahoma. 
2 months later Joe started seeing Misty again. While he was working at the Co-Op with his dad and brother, Joe had asked his dad if he could leave early.  He was having truck trouble and wanted to go to Misty’s house to work on it.  William had told him he could go and that he and Ray would come by after they finished working to check on him; which they did. 
While William was visiting with Ronnie Wiley, Misty’s mom’s live in lover; and Kim, a black car with dark tented windows pulled up in front of her house.   Kim got up and went to the car, when she opened the passenger door to get in William got a good look at the man.  He did not know who he was.  She closed the car door and the man backed up into the alley beside her house.  The two talked for a long time. 

The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family the People in it Did!