Justice for Joe
Please Let us know what you think, your thoughts are important to us.  What would you do to get Justice if this had been your child.  Your Perspective is valued and we look forward to hearing from you.  

Justice for Joe

What would you do to get Justice For Joe, What are your Thoughts? Talk to me.

by SHARON DOZIER on 04/24/12

Please let me know what you think of this case and all that happened.  Never in my life have I seen such a case as this, where the prosecutors did nothing for the victim and everything to help the defendant walk free.  They didn't even charge Misty, even though she had invited Joe to the apartment knowing that Dustin Denton was going to be there waiting with a loaded gun and had every intention to kill Joe. 

Why did prosecutors ask witnesses to lie?

Why didn't they allow key witnesses to testify, like the lady from the Siloam Springs Hospital, who took the call asking for Joe an hour before he had been shot?  (this would have proved premeditation on the part of Dustin Denton)


The Dozier's would like your feedback

by SHARON DOZIER on 05/26/11

If you have read the documents in this website you now know many things that the prosecutor did not allow the jury to know.  You have seen and heard evidence that should have been presented.  Joe was not harassing or stalking Dustin,  Each time the two saw each other was when Misty manipulated them into being in the same place at the same time.  Joe was killed because he loved Misty and she used Dustin's infatuation with guns and his fear of confrontation to climax in Joe's death.  Misty set up the date with Joe for that night and then invited Dustin to be there too.  Why was Dustin caring a loaded Gun with a speed loader? 
We can prove that Joe did not do any of the things he was accused of in the court room by Dustin's defense attorney, Joe had no record of any kind in Oklahoma or Arkansas save the charges filed for being in Misty's closet.  And we can prove that she sent someone to go get Joe and have him come to her window that night.  It was not of his own doing, she sent for him. 
Misty Pearson was as much to blame in Joe's Death as Dustin Denton was.  She may not have had the gun but she put it there just the same. 
What would you do to provide Justice for Joe if he was your son? 
Tell us your thoughts.

The Dozier's Feel Joe's Civil Rights were Violated

by SHARON DOZIER on 06/09/10

The Dozier family feels that justice was denied to Joseph due to the evidence the prosecutor had but did not use.  They think his civil right were violate by the state, which; allowed his reputation and honor to be destroyed by the defense attorney. It was the job of the state to protect Joe’s name and reputation.

The Dozier’s went to each of Mr. Clinger’s predecessors’ asking for something to be done about the miscarriage of justice, and were denied.  They would not even look at the case because the Master had prosecuted it.  They would not charge Misty with Joe’s death; knowing that the evidence showed clearly that she was involved in luring him to the apartment so Dustin could shot him.

Joe could not represent himself and due to the prosecutor’s lack of human concern he was portrayed as mean and a bully that would fight at the drop of a pin.  In fact it took a lot of abuse just to make him mad and when he was mad he used a verbal defense to solve his disputes.  It was rear that he used violence.  Due to his size most of the boys respected him and walked away.  Joe was a kind hearted young man and was shy and withdrawn in most cases. He was not aggressive.  It is Clear that the prosecution did not talk to his friends.  They did not even know if he was right or left handed.     

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"What Would You Do?"
"When Justice is Denied for One 
Justice is Deminished for all"
Martin Luther King