After more than 20 years, and so many attempts; I have lost count of them all, my heart still cries for my son.  For the way he was gunned down in such a senseless way.  For the Justice he has never had, we have never had.

It was wrong.  The way his case was treated.  Many of the players are gone now. Lt Wales died of cancer.  David Clinger; who prosecuted the case, stepped down and is no longer a judge.  Judge Keith, who heard the case; is retired, Drew Miller is now in private practice.  George Spence still works for Benton County but is no longer in the prosecutor’s office.  They got away with what they did to our son and us; but they will always live with the memory of this family’s efforts to see justice done.  

To think that Dustin Ray Denton and Misty Pearson have gone on living as if they had never murdered  our son, Joseph (Joe) Wade Dozier.  They have already experienced more years after his death than they allowed him to live. 

They took his life and all the things that he dreamed of.  Graduating from High School, going to Welding School, driving a truck with his dad, getting married, having children, and sooo much more.  He dreamed of owning his own farm and raising cattle.  He dreamed of traveling the U. S and seeing the many differences in the states; that he had heard William and I talk about so many times.  He dreamed of watching his nieces and nephew grow up and being a part of their life.   Joe had many dreams.  He was so full of life and love.  I miss the expressions he would get on his face.  I miss him; and so does his father and brother.  I am sure that there are others that do to; his friends, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends of the family.

I thank each of you for your prayers throughout the years.  There have been times that we have had that would have been unbearable without them.  We are blessed to have so many who have wished us well.  Just knowing that you cared has meant so much to us.  
We were blessed to have had Joe.  To have the memories of his growing up.  He would have been a fine man.  He had plans for his life that I am sure he would have followed through to completion if he had only had the chance.
I think of Joe often,we all do.  We laugh about some of the things he would say or do.  We know that Joe loved God and that while he was on his way to Springdale Hospital, he prayed with the EMT onboard the helicopter.  I know that we will see him again at the appointed time and until then, though we are happy that he is with the Lord, we will continue to miss him.  

"This is my rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it."--Psalms 132:14