About 2 months before the criminal trial Assistant DA George Spence stepped down. 
William went to Mr Spence after the trial was over and asked him why he was taken off the case.  He replied that he and a Dept. Sheriff, John Everett,(Denton’s Attorney) Lt. Dick Wales, and Dustin Denton went to the crime scene.  Inside the apt. Dustin Denton was telling his Attorney(John Everett) how he shot Dozier.  His Attorney realized that I (George Spence) was still in the room and told Dustin Denton to stop talking.  Then Everett turned to me and asked me to leave the apt.  I told Dick Wales, “lets go”.  Everett told Dick to stay in the room.  I left but I had already heard how Dustin Denton had murdered Joe Dozier.  William asked George if he could have testified about this in the court.  George replied that he could have but he was not asked too. 

William asked him if he still felt the same about Lt. Dick Wales as he had before the trial.  He commented that he had lost faith in Mr. Wales. 

Drew Miller was the Assistant Prosecutor who took George Spence’s place as deputy prosecutor to David Clinger in the Criminal trial. 

Two weeks before the criminal trial Lt. Dick Wales took Assistant Prosecutor Drew Miller to Westville to interview people. 

See  omnibus hearing.  Perjury 

Drew Miller told William that his son(Joe Dozier) had never spit on the sidewalk in the state of Arkansas but that he was a hell raiser in the State of Oklahoma.

After the omnibus hearing William went around and talked to the Police Stations in the surrounding towns in Oklahoma.  He had them give him a copy on their letterhead of any outstanding reports or warrents that had been put out on Joseph Wade Dozier and took the information back to Drew Miller. 

Instead of Miller helping he just stuck his head in the Sand.

There were no warrents or information that Joseph Wade Dozier had ever done anything in the State of Oklahoma, Anywhere.  

See Police Reports

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