William and Sharon found out after Joe was killed, Kelly Gargrave; walked up on Kim and Ronnie Wiley talking.  She overheard Ronnie Wiley saying “I told Dustin to do it, but not here”  William made an appointment to see the DA and tell him the story. When William met with Mr. Clinger, Bruce Rutherford was in his office.  William told him he could wait, but Mr. Clinger told him to come on in, he could speak freely with Mr. Rutherford.  William told him what Kelly Gargrave had told him. 

After William left Mr. Clinger’s office Bruce had him come with him for a coke.  After they got the Coke Mr. Rutherford took William to a park and told him if he had any more names to give them to him.  That he would check them out.  William felt that this was odd that Bruce was in the room with him and Mr. Clinger and that he should give Bruce any names instead.

William spoke to the DA a few weeks later and he told William he could not use the information because Mrs. Gargrave did not hear the whole name of Dustin Denton.  William also told him about working on the farm with Joe.  Joe had told William that he was going to make him mad because he had a date with Misty in three weeks.  William told him to leave the whore alone, Joe Said “Dad, please don’t call her that.” William apologized to Joe.

Mr. Clinger told William he could not talk about that. 

The morning after the shooting (Sat. Feb 20th) Jackie Vernon called Lori Dozier and told her that Misty had been there when Dustin Denton shot Joe.  She called Lori back a little while later and told Lori to forget what she had told her earlier.

Another thing that happened on the morning after the Shooting Misty Pearson met with Linda Denton (Dustin Denton’s Mother) at about 2:00 AM near the Pearson farm.  They met again in Tahlequah Oklahoma at the office of Dustin Denton’s Uncle around 5:00 PM.

When asked at the Criminal trial, By David Clinger; what did you and Misty talk about she replied “I wanted to know why Misty said all the bad things about Dustin?’ When Clinger asked her what things was that she said “I can’t remember.  Linda Denton did not testify at the Civil Suit.   William spoke to a business man in Westville Oklahoma who commented that Linda Denton had something on her back and he did not know what it was but whatever it was he would not want it riding on his back. 
On the day after the shooting an investigator asked Keith Pearson what Misty was doing that night.  He replied that she was watching TV with him.  When Maxine Pearson was asked the same question she said that Misty was asleep.  When Misty herself was asked she said she was doing laundry.  Neither Keith or Maxine testified at the criminal trial.

They were served to testify at the civil suit, they were in the courthouse but they were never called by the Woodruff’s to testify.

The Constable who served the Pearson’s said that Maxine Pearson was physically shaken when he served her and he felt that she had something to say.  The Woodruff’s were advised by the Dozier’s of this yet they did not call her to the stand to testify.

The Justice System did not fail the Dozier Family the People in it Did!
In matters of
truth and justice,
there is no difference
large and small problems,
for issues concerning
the treatment of people are all the same.

Albert Einstein